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Transform your creative passion into a thriving business with our exclusive merchandise partnership. Our merch shop is your gateway to increased revenue streams and expanded brand recognition. Explore the limitless potential of merchandising as we help you turn your brand into a powerful source of passive income. 

Take the guess work out of starting a merch shop and let Lava Lamp Labs do it for you. We do it all so you can keep doing what you do, create!

Creativity that comes your way four times a year. We curate and craft a time-limited designs exclusively for each season, adding a fresh dimension to your brand, keeping it fresh for your community throughout the year.

We build the creative vision for your campaign. We understand that every creator has a unique story to tell and a distinct brand to share. Our approach is to reflect your individuality and resonates authentically with your audience, making your merch shop an integral part of your brand identity.

Our product development approach is rooted in understanding the specific needs our partners are looking for. We help with branding, new designs and anything creative. We prioritize collaborative ideation, actively involving creators in the product development process which in turn enhances their brand identity and revenue potential. 

At the core of our website development services is a commitment to creating impressive online experiences. We understand the importance of using branded domain names for a unique online presence. Moreover, we prioritize SEO strategies, ensuring your website ranks effectively on search engines. With our website development expertise, your brand’s online identity will not only impress but also excel, offering a smooth and engaging experience for your audience.

Marketing is the strategic bridge that connects your brand to your audience, and we’re here to help you build it. From crafting compelling narratives to creating marketing materials that promote your merch shop, we’re your partner in driving engagement, building relationships, and achieving your business goals.

Production and fulfillment are the backbone of a successful merch shop operation. Our expertise lies in streamlining this critical process. We can work with a Print on Demand partner for on-demand production, or we can source manufacturers for OEM products, ensuring top-notch quality and timely delivery. 

At the heart of our commitment is our dedicated customer service team, ready to provide unparalleled support. We’ll establish a direct line of support with your customers by providing a customized support email like We’ll ensure that any inquiries and concerns are met with swift and personalized responses.  Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our customer service team is here to ensure it.


With over 50 customizable Print-On-Demand products to choose from.

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